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English Studies

English Studies is the non-concentration concentration in the English program of study, designed for students who prefer not to specialize in any one area and would instead like to sample a wide array of course offerings. Because the 18 “concentration” credit hours can be spent on any six classes numbered 301 and above, you get maximum flexibility to design your own course of study. Want to take three creative writing classes and three literature classes? Perfect! Want to dabble in linguistics and technical writing and rhetorical theory? Go for it! Every upper-level English class is fair game. Whatever combination of six classes you choose, you can be sure that you will develop your ability to read analytically, write clearly, and think deeply.

If you’re interested in a more specific field within the discipline of English Studies, you may choose to concentrate in Composition, Rhetoric, and LinguisticsCreative Writing, or  Literature and Culture. In each of the concentrations, you will learn to interpret and create texts, conduct research, and reflect on how language, literature, and discourse have an impact on how we communicate and experience the world.

BA English Studies - English

Minor English



Experiential Opportunities

For students in English Studies, Coastal provides multiple opportunities to refine your writing skills and develop your creativity.

Archarios Literary Magazine

Bridges Undergraduate Research Journal

Tempo Magazine Spring 2020

Tempo Magazine




Several lab spaces allow you to explore reading and writing across media and cultures.

Atheaneum Press

Digital Commons




After taking your major requirements, the concentration in English Studies allows you the flexibility to tailor a degree to fit your diverse interests.

Major Requirements
(9 Courses)

ENGL 300 | Critical Conversations in English
ENGL 301 | Forms of Creative Writing


4 Perspectives ENGL Courses


3 Form and Style Courses

(6 Courses)

6 Courses | ENGL courses numbered 301 to 499

(2 Courses)

ENGL 411 | English Capstone Seminar
ENGL 483 | Theory of Literary Criticism

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Minor in English

A minor in English allows you to hone your ability to read and write complex texts from a variety of genres. You will explore multiple specializations within the English discipline while learning to appreciate the aspects common to all of them. 

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Program Faculty Spotlight

The English department has award-winning faculty and instructors who regularly involve students in their research projects.

Priscilla Meyers

Emma Howes

Associate Professor

Composition and Rhetoric, Literacy Studies, and Feminist Theory

Jonathan Doe

David Kellogg

Associate Professor

Technical and Professional Writing, Rhetoric of Science


Kate Faber Oestreich

Associate Professor

British Literature of the Long 19th Century, Digital Storytelling, and Neo-Victorian Adaptations / Appropriations

Amanda Green



Student and Alumni Work

  • Daniel Hasty conducts conversation with English alumni

    What Do You Do with a BA in English?

    Social content director, design researcher, attorney: these are just a few career paths highlighted in the English Futures Speaker Series, a program designed to help majors explore the job market.

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  • Student-Run Waccamaw Journal

    As one of the oldest online literary journals, the Waccamaw Journal of contemporary literature is a cornerstone of collaboration amongst the graduate students and undergraduates in English.

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  • MidDay with Tre 2023 (Added 2/21/2023) MCD

    Enjoy MidDay with Tre

    Assistant Professor of African-American Literatures & Cultures, Tabitha Lowery, Ph.D., comes onto the show to discuss how she fell in love with literature, African American Literature in academics.

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Other Degree Concentrations in English

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Application Requirements

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» $45 Application Fee

» Official Transcripts (High School, Secondary School, or Previous College)

» SAT/ACT Test Scores (optional)

For International Students

» Proof of English Proficiency (ESL Students)

» Passport



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