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Intelligence and Security Studies

Intelligence and Security Studies is a multi-disciplinary program designed to prepare you for positions in security-related career fields that involve analysis, research, evaluation, and planning of intelligence and policy matters. The program emphasizes a strong liberal arts perspective to develop abilities in critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and cross-cultural understanding.

BA Intelligence and National Security Studies

Minor Intelligence and Security Studies



Experiential Opportunities

For students in the Creative Writing concentration and English in general, Coastal provides multiple opportunities to explore and refine your writing and communication skills.

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Chanticleer Intelligence Brief

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Women in National Intelligence

Semester in Washington, D.C.




The Dyer Fellowship program annually holds a Research Symposium for the Fellows to present their year long research project. Each student focuses on a public policy topic of their interest.

Dyer Institute

Chanticleer Intelligence Brief

Video Production Studio




This program is interdisciplinary, using a wide variety of early-level courses to set a solid foundation for a regional and occupational foci.

Foundation Requirements
(8 Courses)

ANTH 102 - Understanding Other Cultures
INTEL 200 - Introduction to Intelligence and National Security
PHIL 110 - Introduction to Logic
POLI 101 - Introduction to World Politics
POLI 201 - Introduction to American Government
STAT 201+L - Elementary Statistics and Lab


GEOG 121 - World Regional Geography
GEOG 200 - Digital Earth

(5 Courses)

INTEL 301 - Research and Communications in Intelligence
INTEL 310 - Intelligence Analysis
INTEL 311 - Intelligence Communications
INTEL 312 - Intelligence Operations


INTEL 330 - National Security
INTEL 335 - Homeland Security


2 Major Electives Courses


2 Regional Focus Courses

(2 Courses)

INTEL 494 - Intelligence and National Security Studies Capstone

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A minor in Intelligence and Security Studies is designed to enable you to develop an understanding of the intelligence process, its effect on the policy-making process, and the legal and ethical considerations involved in the endeavor.

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Program Faculty Spotlight

Priscilla Meyers

Joseph Fitsanakis


Intelligence Collection, Communications Interception, Information Security, Cyber-Espionage

Jonathan Doe

Jonathan Smith

Director of Intelligence and National Security, Professor

Intelligence, Homeland Security, and National Security Strategy


Jonathan Acuff

Associate Professor

International Security, Intelligence Analysis and Epistemology, Revolutions and State Failure

Amanda Green
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Student and Alumni Work

  • Students Publish Peer-Reviewed Article on COVID-19

    Students Publish Research in Peer-Reviewed Journal

    While many college students were struggling to adapt to the new normal during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Intel majors Junior Ana Maria Lankford and senior Derrick Storzieri published their research.

    Find Out More
  • CIB students recruit others to their table.

    Chanticleer Intelligence Brief

    Intelligence and National Security students have the opportunity to practice generating professional-level intelligence briefs for their local communities and the globe.

    Find Out More
  • Inside the FBI

    Agency Insiders

    CCU students are fortunate to have a program that allows them to see, hear, and interact with those doing the work and hiring new employees in national security agencies.

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  • Shannon Brophy, Intelligence and National Security Major.

    Shannon Brophy

    an intelligence and national securities studies major at CCU, interned with the Sultanate of Oman as an intern with the United States Department of State.

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» Official Transcripts (High School, Secondary School, or Previous College)

» SAT/ACT Test Scores (optional)

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» Proof of English Proficiency (ESL Students)

» Passport

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Jonathan Smith
Chair, Intelligence & Security Studies

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