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Visual Art and Studio Art

If you're interested in studying the practice of studio art, there are two degree programs--a BFA in Visual Art, and a BA in Art Studio--and a minor in Art Studio.

By pursuing the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art, you will be immersed in a program that is conceptually driven and holistic in practice. This degree focuses on the mastery of diverse technical skills, the development of dynamic visual communication across multiple media, and an understanding of contemporary art practices.

The Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio will allow you to explore a dynamic curriculum targeted at creating a professional ready for the modern economy. This degree is focused on producing creatives with flexible, career-ready skillsets with a comprehensive understanding of visual communication.

The Department of Visual Arts is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

BFA Visual Art

BA Art Studio

Minor Art Studio



Experiential Opportunities

Rebecca Randall Bryan Art Gallery

As part of ARTS 364

Hobcaw Barony and Documentary Photography

Community and Public Art Projects

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Coastal has numerous innovative and well-equipped art labs to help you sharpen a wide range of skills: from a bronze foundry to ceramics to a fabrication lab.

Ceramics Studio

Drawing and Painting Studios

Art Studio Sculputre Studio

Sculpture Studio

Photography Student with film negatives in the photography studio.

Photography Darkroom

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Visual Art BFA

After completing the Visual Arts Foundation Requirement (18 credits), students can apply for the BFA program in Visual Art by the Portfolio Entrance Review.

Foundation Requirements
(6 Courses)

ARTS 103 - Fundamentals of Art I
ARTS 104 - Fundamentals of Art II
ARTS 105 - Fundamentals of Art III
ARTS 111 - Fundamentals of Drawing I
ARTS 112 -  Fundamentals of Drawing II


Art History
ARTH 105 or 107 - History of Western Art or World Art
ARTH 106 - History of Western Art II

Major Requirements
(12 Courses)

ARTS 231 - Figure Drawing
ARTS 298 - Concepts in Artistic Practice
5 200-level courses
1 300-level course
2 400-level courses


2D Courses
2 200-300 level courses in Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, or Video


3D Courses
2 200-300 level courses in Ceramics, Installation, Metals, or Sculpture


Art History
2 200-level courses

(2 Courses)

ARTS 494 - BFA Seminar
ARTS 498 - BFA Thesis


Senior Showcase

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Art Studio BA

Foundation Requirements
(7 Courses)

ARTS 103 - Fundamentals of Art I
ARTS 104 - Fundamentals of Art II
ARTS 105 - Fundamentals of Art III
ARTS 111 - Fundamentals of Drawing
ARTS 112 - Fundamentals of Drawing II
ARTH 106 - History of Western Art II


ARTH 105 - History of Western Art I
ARTH 107 - World Art

Major Requirements
(11 Courses)

ARTS 298 - Concepts in the Artistic Process


2D Courses
1 200-level Course
1 300-level Course


3D Courses
1 200-level Course
1 300-level Course

Art Electives
1 200-level Course
1 300-level Course
1 400-level course

Practicum & Capstone
(2 Courses)

ARTS 497 Q - The Artist as a Professional
Senior Showcase

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Minor in Art Studio

The minor in Art Studio has two tracks: one for Graphic Design majors, and the other for those outside art programs.


Art Studio for Graphic Design Majors

This 18-credit-hour minor is specifically designed for Graphic Design majors. As a Graphic Design Major seeking an Art Studio Minor, stronger technical and conceptual art-making skills are further developed in the medium of your choosing—ceramics, paintings, drawing, metals. The Art Studio Minor complements the skills acquired with a Graphic Design Major, giving your degree a competitive edge. 

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Art Studio for All Other Majors

The Art Studio Minor for all other majors can be earned with the successful completion of 18 credit hours, providing the student with a solid foundation in 2-D art, 3-D art, and drawing, followed by a couple of 200-level courses of the student’s choosing and from a variety of media. This minor can complement other majors, such as art history, management, education, or psychology, to name a few, and lead to careers in museum work, arts management, art education, or art therapy.

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Program Faculty Spotlight

Priscilla Meyers

James Arendt

Associate Professor

Contemporary Art, Textile Work, Post-industrial Labor, Economics

Jonathan Doe

Alex Knox

Associate Professor, Sculpture

Mold Making and Casting, Construction, Installation and Performance


Logan Woodle

Assistant Professor

Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Sculpture, 3-D Design

Amanda Green
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Student and Alumni Work

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Application Requirements

» For scholarship consideration: submit your portfolio (March 1, 2021)

» For the BFA, enroll as an Art Studio major, then apply for the BFA after completing 18 credit hours (6 courses)

» Application

» $45 Application Fee

» Official Transcripts (Highschool, Secondary School, or Previous College)

» SAT/ACT Test Scores (optional)

For International Students

» Proof of English Proficiency (ESL Students)

» Passport


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