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Choosing Classes

Here's some information to help you make the right choice when choosing one of our various course types.  

How to distinguish between an honors course and a general course:

Honors courses are usually identified with the prefix HONR (such as HONR 101) or identified with an H at the end of the course number (such as COMM*150*H2). The classes that falls under the Honors College (the classes with the HONR prefix) are only designated for students who are in the Honors Program. However, classes with only the “H” at the end of the course are open to all students. The “H” at the end of the course lets the honors student know that he or she may take the course for honors credit. The course designated with the “H” are general courses, but they are cross listed as an honors course. This means that honors students are able to take the course, but as an honors student they will be held to the standards of the Honors College.

A class that is strictly a general course is a course without the HONR prefix and that does not end with an “H” in the course number. 

How to distinguish between a distances learning and a lecture course:

Distance learning courses are taught primarily online, rarely requiring the student to physically attend a class.  Students will receive their course material and complete their assignments through Moodle unless otherwise directed by the professor. Sections for distance learning courses are designated with the letter “D” in the section number, and state that they are distance learning courses in the course description.  For example, JOUR*201*D2 will be a distance learning course while JOUR*201*02 will be an in class, lecture based course.   If you are looking to enroll in a distance learning course through WebAdvisor, set the location of the course to “Distance Learning” in the course search menu.  This will search all the distance learning sections available for any courses that you entered into the course search.  Please be aware that distance learning courses generally come with a $25 distance learning lab fee.

Here's a link to the 2017 Course Catalog.  

What is Pre-registration?

Pre-registration is the time students are expected to meet with their academic advisor. This occurs prior to a student’s appointed registration date.  During these meetings students will discuss with their major academic advisor plans for their next semester’s courses as well their concerns for the current semester.  With their advisor, students will draft list of desired courses and alternative courses for the upcoming semester.  Once this meeting is over, the major advisor will lift the student’s advising hold, thereby enabling the student to register for their courses at their appointed registration date.  Students who fail to meet with their advisor will not have their hold lifted.