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We are so grateful you that you chose us. Here at Teal Nation we take care of our own and make the best effort to guide you in path that’s right for you. Remember your Edwards academic advisors are here to help.  

Creating an Academic Plan

During their tenures at Coastal Carolina University, students can generate an academic plan that corresponds with their values, beliefs, interests, and talents. Students are encouraged to design programs that will allow them to become their best future selves. Students work with their academic advisor to design a program aligned with their educational goals, future career paths, and the values they see in their thirty or forty year old selves. While constructing a plan, students should focus on their passions and their strengths and their total person to design a program that will allow growth and refinement in various areas of their lives. There are a variety of ways students can choose the paths that are right for them, and their academic advisors are trained to ask the right questions and provide the right materials to help a student discover his or her destined path. 

Getting Involved

While attending Coastal Carolina University, it is highly recommended that students become involved in more than your academics so that they may excel in every possible area of their person, realizing their fullest potential and gaining the best college experience possible. The benefits to getting involved on campus are:

  1. Students learn new things about themselves, other people, the campus  and the world.
  2. It is a great resume-builder allowing students to grow personally, as leaders, and they develop soft skills.
  3. Students interpersonal and intrapersonal skills flourish as they connect and mature during their time spent in an organization or club.
  4. Students meet new people outside of their areas of study, establishing life-long relationships and potential networking possibilities.
  5. It allows students to connect to their university, giving them a sense of pride, ownership and belonging.

CCU has a host of clubs, student organizations, associations, fraternities and sororities. Students should take this once in a lifetime opportunity to seize the moment, meet new faces, and add value to their life and their degree by joining one of our various organizations.

For a information on how to get involved, please visit Campus Life.

Checklist for Preparing for Graduation

  • Register for final semester’s classes so that program evaluation will read “Pending Complete.”
  • Apply for Graduation through WebAdvisor by completing graduation application and pay application fee
  • Visit the registrar’s office and preschedule final transcripts to be sent to the graduate school of your choice or your future employer
  • Sign up and take the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) or other applicable tests if you are planning to attend graduate school
  • Order Cap and Gown through CCU’s Bookstore website or by visiting the second floor of CCU’s bookstore to place the order in person
  • If applicable, be sure to purchase honor stoles or cords belonging to the organizations of which you are a current member or signifying your academic achievement during your time at CCU
  • Order invitations, plaques, and other graduation swag to make your day extra special
  • Join Coastal Carolina’s Alumni Association
Click here to download Checklist for Graduation.