Tips for Surviving your Experience at CCU - Coastal Carolina University
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Tips for Surviving your Experience at CCU

We want you to not only survive, but THRIVE here at CCU!

  1. Study like a hermit. Distractions are everywhere—on the TV, in your dorm, on the halls, in the Student Union, your cellphone. Get rid of all distractions and focus. Just try it. For 30 minutes.

  2. Choose your friends wisely. Your friends should have a positive impact on you and add value to your life. Remember that a good friend won’t stand in between you and your personal success.

  3. Open your mouth. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! It’s important to know where you need to go and who you need to go to. Seek help immediately, because problems snowball and get bigger as the days roll on. 

  4. Put down your phone. Talk to the person sitting next to you in class. College is where you meet forever friends. Make connections that will enrich your life and make it easier for you in the long run.

  5. Invest in a good planner, and use it religiously. Go through every class’ syllabus and make note of due dates and test dates. Include other important dates too (ie,. preregistration, last day to drop, cultural events, etc.) 

  6. Use a ritual to get in your zone. Choose the same time, place, scents/fragrances, a certain candy as a reward, comfortable clothing, and a quiet place that will get you going. This helps make studying automatic.

  7. Get cultured. Try new things: a lecture by a visiting scholar, a jazz concert, a quidditch match or a play. Take advantage of free and amazing opportunities to sample various culture and enrichment. 

  8. Meet your professors outside of class. Drop by their office, even if it’s to say hi. Ask what they’re currently researching or what class is their favorite to teach. They want to get to know you. It will pay off. Trust us.

  9. UNPLUG and explore your interests. Instead of checking your phone every five minutes, read about a topic you are unfamiliar with or very curious about. Remember college is a time of self-exploration.

  10. LOVE your major. Don’t choose a major based on other people’s opinions or what you think will get a good job. Pick a major you love. You’ll be more involved, successful, and generally happier in life.  

  11. Think LONG-TERM early. Start thinking hard about career goals now. This will give your academics a stronger sense of purpose, and motivate you in multiple ways. Unsure of a career? Check out Career Services.

  12. PRIORITIZE your physical health. The mind and body are deeply connected.  If you ignore your physical health, you won’t be able to perform at your peak. We all know what to do: Get rest. Eat healthy. Exercise. 

  13. Keep stuff. Syllabi, returned work, signed papers. You never know what you may need and although all majors don’t require it, several Senior Capstones require you revise previously created work.

  14. Take notes. In class or meetings. Multiple studies show people retain information better when notes are taken, especially written notes. It also makes you appear and feel more invested.
  1. Build good habits and routines early. Be very intentional about going to class and blocking out study times. Even when you don’t have homework, use the time set aside to do the reading or review your notes.
  1. Embrace the challenge. Try different things and get help if you need to. Find ways to challenge yourself by trying a new activity or a class that you haven’t done before or talking to new people.

  2. Remember to practice. Just like athletics, acting or playing an instrument, becoming a great student requires practice. Research study strategies and hacks that will make you a better student and do them.

  3. Get a small stapler and keep it in your school bag/with your class stuff. You will need to turn in multipage papers. There’ll come a day when you’ll print at the last minute at the library or forget to staple and will be glad you have it. 

  4. Be respectful and nice to people. No matter how you feel. You never know what kind of day a person is having or if that person you are interacting with is a campus official.

  5. Pay attention to the bulletin boards. We offer a lot of great events and resources on campus that are advertised there. Keep an eye out for interesting things that you may want to do or get involved with.

  6. Keep your email cleaned out and organized. You will get a ridiculous amount of email. Make sure to at least skim anything from the school to see if you need it or are interested in it. Keep your email box cleaned.

  7. Dress in layers or bring layers with you. Most of the buildings on campus are very cold. Not matter the time of year, bring a sweatshirt, jacket, cardigan, etc. so you can stay comfortable in class.

  8. If you are going to use a private room in the library, get there early. Many students study in the library, particularly after 5 p.m. Private spaces in the library are limited and very popular so the sooner you get to the library, the better.

  9. Wear teal, get teal. Show your school spirit by wearing teal on Tuesdays. When you wear teal, you get free teal gear. Follow Coastal’s social media sites to see where you can get free swag.

  10. Follow the CCU Food Crew on social media (twitter and instagram). You receive first notice if something special is being served in the cafeteria or you may request a special dish and after a certain amount of hits, it may show up in Hicks.

  11. Check ALL emails. Professors, advisors and other officials often send valuable information through emails to enhance your experience here and to help make your journey a smooth one.

  12. Purchase a great umbrella and a nice pair of rain boots. When it rains at CCU, it definitely pours. You want to be prepared for the walk through campus during wet weather.

  13. Sign up for CCU Alert ASAP. You will receive all weather alerts and emergency updates for the university. It helps you to prepare for natural disaster and keeps you aware of emergencies in the area.