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Pre-registration vs Registration?


What is Pre-registration?

Pre-registration is the time students are expected to meet with their academic advisor. This occurs prior to a student’s appointed registration date.  During these meetings students will discuss with their major academic advisor plans for their next semester’s courses as well their concerns for the current semester.  With their advisor, students will draft list of desired courses and alternative courses for the upcoming semester.  Once this meeting is over, the major advisor will lift the student’s advising hold, thereby enabling the student to register for their courses at their appointed registration date.  Students who fail to meet with their advisor will not have their hold lifted.

To find out how to prepare for a pre-registration appoint with your advisor, please click here


What is registration?

Registration is the simply signing up for classes. You don't need your advisor for this part, but they are certainly here to help. Once your registration time opens, you'll log onto WebAdvisor and search for the classes you and your advisor discussed during your pre-registration appointment. If you are unsure of your registration time, please log onto WebAdvisor and under the section labeled Registration select the link that reads My Registration Appt Time

If you need to register for classes right away, please click here to log onto Webdvisor.