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Editorial Team

Editor: Sara Sobota

Editor: Sara SobotaIn her ninth year at CCU as senior lecturer in the Department of English, Sara took on the role of publications editor for the Edwards College in 2016 and thus became editor of Tapestry. In addition to teaching composition and business writing courses, Sara has been a contributor to local and online publications such as Grand Strand Magazine and The Huffington Post for more than a decade.


Art Director: Abby Sink

Art Director: Abby SinkAbby came to CCU in the fall of 2016 as graphic designer for the Edwards College. Prior to CCU, Abby worked as an art director for Brandon Advertising, where she designed local and regional advertising campaigns as well as Golf Holiday magazine. Abby also worked as art director for The Sun News, designing The Surge and magazines for Sun Publishing as well as designing layout for special sections of the newspaper.


Assistant Editor

Assistant Editor: Chelsea Thomas Chelsea Thomas is a recent graduate of the Master of Arts in Writing (MAW) program at CCU. During her time in the MAW, she was a graduate teaching assistant for all levels of English courses and worked on Waccamaw, CCU’s national literary magazine. Currently, she is applying to law school while continuing to freelance.



Assistant Editor

Assistant Editor: Maggie Nichols Maggie Nichols is a writer and student in the Masters of Arts in Writing (MAW) program at CCU. During her time in the MAW, she has worked on Waccamaw, CCU’s national literary magazine, as a managing and poetry editor and with the Athenaeum Press as a writer and researcher.