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CCU All Campus: ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll -- Basketball

Rankings Week 2: RANK - TEAM - RECORD - PTS - PVS

1. 3 Ballers 2-0 Coastal Slam (5-0)

3 Ballers are the best team on Campus. They are complete with Big Men (Williams,Carn,Hamby) Point Guards (Scott,Lowery) and Shooters (Lanham,Blyther). They will one of the two teams that will be representing Coastal at the Palmetto Classic next weekend.

Last Week: Coastal Slam Champs
This Week: OFF

2. Showtime 2-0 Coastal Slam (3-2)

Showtime is an athletic team and is only #2 because they lost two very close games to the 3 Ballers. Led by the high flying Dewitt, Showtime can be very good when they are knocking down shots. They will also be representing Coastal at USC and we wish them luck for next weekend.

Last Week: Coastal Slam Runner Ups
This Week: OFF

3. Blue Ballers 2-0 Coastal Slam (2-2)

Blue Ballers were last years winner of 2011 Regular Season Pro Championship. However they lost many pieces (future NFL "Star" Josh Norman)that made them great last year. However the core of Hunt,Clark,Lesh,Shelly,Scholz are still playing pretty well together.

Last Week: Defeated Toon Squad 61-59
This Week: OFF

4. Toon Squad 1-1 Coastal Slam (0-4)

Toon Squad had a tough run in the Coastal Slam. However they took the #1 team 3 Ballers to Overtime in the semi-final game. If the Toon Squad could get some more depth on their team, they could serious make a run at all the other teams in the Pro Division.

Last Week: Lost to Blue Ballers 59-61
This Week: OFF

5. A&E 2-0

A&E should have been a Pro League team. However, due to problems with signing up, they were forced to play a rookie non-primetime division. They are expected to run the table in the Rookie Division and may possibly want to bump up to the Pro Playoffs.

Last Week: Defeated Team Ballas 62-40
This Week: BYE

6. Strokin 3's 2-0

Last Years Rookie League Runner-up Strokin 3's is running hard again to make it to a championship. Led by their new star Kyle Sutryk's 26 PPG, Strokin 3's may be the best Rookie League team as long as Sutryk plays well.

Last Week: Defeated Team Scheme 65-59
This Week: BYE

7. HAM Squad 2-0

HAM Squad may be the most balanced team in all of Rookie League. They can score with any player on the roster. In a division that is less than spectacular, the voters are sure they will continue to produce wins easily.

Last Week: Defeated Victoria's Secret 58-40
This Week: VS. The Strokers

8. Cameron Crazies 2-0

Cameron Crazies are moved into the charts with their fast 2-0 start in Pro League. They are all relatively unknown to the voters, but by default they are put in the Top 10. It will be interesting to see if they can continue to turn the heads of the voters.

Last Week: Coastal Slam Champs
This Week: OFF

9. Fire Hurricanes 2-0

Fire Hurricanes Last season made a pretty deep run into the Rookie League Playoffs. This season they dethroned last years champions Dream Team by a staggering 11 points. However this Sunday it shall be a great game against the team with the largest biceps (Holdmadeck.

Last Week: Defeated Dream Team 51-40
This Week: VS. Holdmadeck

10. P.E. DyNASTY 2-0

There was a lot of controversy with placing P.E. DyNASTY in the Top 10. But with a 2-0 record, it doesnt matter how poor a division is playing. They are fundamental and balanced team who knows how to spread the wealth throughout the whole team.

Last Week: Defeated Blue Ridge Blazers 32-24
This Week: BYE

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