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Changing Catalog years

Students who began the Core Curriculum prior to fall 2017 under early University catalogs and wish to change to the 2017-18 Core Curriculum will find that many, but not all, of their previously completed courses will automatically transfer to the post 2017 Core Curriculum.

Students will need to work with their advisors to complete a "Course Substitution" form instead of a "Petition for Exception to the Core Curriculum" form for previously completed core courses that are not in the post-2017 Core Curriculum. Use the Core Course Substitution List to determine which course(s) need to be substituted.

Exceptions to the Core Curriculum

Students in specific circumstances may petition for an exception to the Core Curriculum. Petitions are located on Faculty Forms page under Provost Office. The most typical situations are:

  • Transfer Students using Electives: Transfers often have elective courses that can substitute for another course in the core curriculum. Transfers are urged to be proactive in identifying elective courses that are appropriate substitutions. More information on using electives is found on the Transfer page.
  • Transfer Students with Undergraduate Degrees: Transfer Students who have completed Bachelor’s degrees that are not automatically exempted from the core should consult with their advisor to see if their previous courses cover core curriculum areas and then petition for a core curriculum waiver using the "Core Curriculum Exemption" form.
  • Undergraduate Students with exceptional circumstances: Students who encounter unusual situations, such as courses completed during a study abroad experience or a change in their catalog year may petition for an exception for a specific course using the "Exception To Core Curriculum" form.