Lab Fee Procedures - Coastal Carolina University
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Lab Fee Procedures

Lab/course fees are charged to cover certain instructional costs in excess of those covered by general tuition. These fees must be approved by the University Board of Trustees prior to charging students. Fee requests are typically submitted for approval each May through the Office of the Provost to the Board of Trustees. The requests to the Board include:

  1. Course prefix, course number, credits, title
  2. Noted as a new lab/course fee proposals, with written justification for the use of the fee **
  3. Noted as a request for an increase in existing fees, with written justification as to the need for such an increase
  4. Any decrease in existing lab/course fees, or
  5. Elimination of lab/course fees

All new lab/course fees or fee changes approved by the Board of Trustees will not go into effect until the Fall semester following the May meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Lab/course fees should fulfill the purpose for which the fee was established. No fee should be charged in excess of the amount that is necessary to supply the service. The intent of a fee charge is to cover certain instructional costs in excess of those covered by general tuition.  Lab/course fees are charged by course or per credit hour, and are shown in the student account summary as a separate charge not included in tuition.

Lab/course fees may be used for a variety of purposes; however they must be unique and directly relate to actual expenses of the lab/course. Examples include but are not limited to:

  1. Tangible goods or other items of value retained by students during the course of the class/lab
  2. Costs associated with student travel, such as field trips or other off campus events
  3. Costs associated with expendable, consumable products required for the class
  4. Wages for specific lab/course-related services (lab monitors, tutors)

Lab/course fee expenditures are:

  1. Are subject to the State Procurement Code;
  2. Are subject to the Prudent Person Test ; and
  3. Can carry over to the next fiscal year if there are funds remaining at yearend;

No lab fees may be used toward expenses for any course without a lab fee attached. Departmental funds, CEF funds, or self-generated funds may be used to cover those costs for which no separate fee has been charged, if the expenditure policy/prudent person allows.

At no time shall lab/course fees be used to pay for costs normally covered by the department’s regular budget such as salaries and wages for faculty (including adjuncts) or staff, student scholarships, travel expenses and normal consumption of materials by the department during the regular academic year.

**Academic Affairs forms for new courses or course changes may indicate a lab fee is requested. However, this is informational only. It is up to the department chair to submit a request for a fee and a justification to the Dean and the Office of the Provost no later than March of each year.