Exceptions - Coastal Carolina University
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Keep in mind, exceptions will only be considered in cases where the University Dining Services Contractor declines to provide food services and where a Request for Exception has been properly submitted.

Only on-campus University departments, activities, registered student organizations, and other recognized University-affiliated groups or organizations may request an exception.

If an exception to this policy is granted, the following requirements and conditions must be met:

  • The approved purveyor or caterer must be licensed and subject to SCDHEC regulations;
  • The approved purveyor or caterer accepts liability for the event and provides proof of insurance which meets University specifications to, or has a current certificate of insurance on file with, the University Office of Risk Management prior to commencement of services;
  • The event does not have an admission charge;
  • Absolutely no alcohol is served at the event;
  • No food service equipment belonging to either the University or to the University Dining Services Contractor may be utilized;
  • No assigned food service space may be utilized, unless approved by the President or his or her designee;
  • If soft drinks and/or water are served by the purveyor or caterer, it would be preferable if the beverages are from the line of products produced by the current University beverage vending contractor;

In the case of donated food:

  • The food must be from a licensed purveyor or caterer subject to SCDHEC regulations;
  • The food must be prepackaged; and
  • The food must be able to be stored at room temperature without spoilage.