General Procedure - Coastal Carolina University
In This Section

In order to plan an event that is in compliance with the "Food Safety" policy, food service arrangements must be made by the organizer in the following manner:

A. Employ the University Dining Services Contractor for the event; or

B. At least fifteen (15) days prior to the event, complete a Request for Exception; obtain acknowledgement and approval from the University Dining Services Contractor; and submit the form for final approval to the Coordinator of Risk Management; and

C. Employ another caterer/purveyor who meets the requirements of SCDHEC. It is the responsibility of the caterer/purveyor to fulfill the licensing requirements of SCDHEC and to obtain such licensure prior to the event. (Retail Food Establishment Permit)

In the event of use of a local SCDHEC-approved retail food establishment, the event organizer need only obtain the acknowledgement and approval of the University Dining Services Contractor and ensure that the requirements of Section VI.B. are met.