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Graduate Studies Admission Application

Graduate admission applications are processed and reviewed using Perceptive Content. The application is submitted online and routed to the Office of Graduate Studies, where it is entered into Colleague (formerly Datatel). In addition, the Office of Graduate Studies prepares the applications for review by organizing supporting documents as they are submitted. Supporting documents can consist of required test scores, application fee, resume, letters of reference, statement of goals, and more. Once the application has all required documentation as outlined in the Graduate Catalog, Graduate Studies will send the application to a Committee for review. There are several different committees to cover a broad range of academic programs. Specifically, there are three roles to each committee:

  • Committee members – members will evaluate application submissions pertaining to their program of study. Members can provide their recommendation through annotations or via comment boxes (based on the application)
  • Committee chair – the committee chair will review the committee responses and will post the final admission. The Committee Chair is also responsible for routing the application back to Graduate Studies
  • Committee admin – following committee resolution, the admin will communicate that decision to the applicant

The Perceptive Content system does not require that committees convene to process applications. Each member of the committee may review applications individually at their own computers. Committees should access Perceptive Content regularly to process incoming applications. Please review the pdf below for specific information about processing Graduate Admissions applications. 



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