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Perceptive Content

Graduation Application Overview

Prior to Perceptive Content, graduation applications physically moved from office to office for numerous approvals. It was often hard to determine exactly where an application was at any given moment. Was it with the academic adviser? The chair of the second major? Without physically walking to each possible office and thumbing through a pile of applications, there was no way to find details about any given application.

Perceptive Content changed all that with an electronic workflow. Now, the student applies for graduation in WebAdvisor. The document is routed to the student's academic adviser for approval, then routes to the department chair, next to the college dean, and repeats to chair/dean for each additional major and/or minor. Once all of the approvals have been completed, the document routes to the Office of the Registrar for final auditing. Students can view the status of their application anywhere in the process on WebAdvisor. Now there's no second guessing where the application is in the process. Students can also receive email alerts if the application is routed backwards for any reason.

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