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Global Ambassadors and Mentors

The GLAM program seeks to encourage, prepare, and empower first-year international students by connecting them with faculty, staff, and student mentors.

What is GLAM?

  • Global Ambassadors and Mentors (GLAM) is a program that encourages, prepares, and empowers incoming students by linking them to successful student, peer role models as well as faculty and staff mentors!

  • The mentors will help, guide and orient students with the university and all its services, while explaining the challenges they might face within their academic program/being a first-year student.

  • Mentors also check in with the students, at minimum, every 2 weeks. They check on thier mentees at key times of the semester such as at the beginning of the semester and near midterms and finals. Their emails can include group lunch meeting opportunities, motivational/inspirational quotes, one on one meetings, etc.

  • Not only do the mentors do all the above, but they also provide students information on:

    • Support services
    • Getting around campus
    • University life
    • Connecting with other new students, forming study groups, lunch meetings, etc.
    • Effective study tips/strategies to handle their class subjects

How does it work?

  • Faculty, staff and student mentors are people that have a genuine interst in helping new students.  Student mentors should have all first-year courses completed.  
  • Mentors are asked to provide information such as name, preferred contact information, major or research area, hobbies, and interests. This information is available to incoming and new international students to gain some knowledge about their potential mentors.
  • There will provide an opportunity for mentors to connect with new students at each new international student orientation. During the semester, new students can access information about potential mentors as well.
  • We ask mentors to attend a training/preperatory meeting before each semester. We also ask mentors to be available during orientation in the week prior to each semester.

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