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Immunization Requirements

Every student attending Coastal Carolina University is required to meet the University's Immunization Requirements prior to registration, and submit a copy of their immunization record to student health services prior to enrollment. To complete this requirement, each student is required to fill out and submit both the Health History, and the Immunization/TB Screening forms.

You will need to print, read, and complete the following forms from the website. You may already have all of the required immunizations, but you must show proof from a doctor that they are complete. Once you have completed these documents, please scan them and send a copy of them by email to Evelyn Sherman and copy Geoff Parsons on the email. If you have any questions about the immunization requirements, please email Evelyn Sherman directly.

 These must be submitted to Evelyn Sherman BEFORE you arrive at CCU.

If you have an immunization booklet and all the required vaccinations are listed in your immunization booklet, then you do not have to have a doctor’s signature. If any of the required vaccinations are not listed in the immunization booklet, you are required to have your doctor sign the form.

For more information on immunization requirments, please visit the Student Health Services website.