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Jiayi Wang

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Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management (B.S)

Graduation Year

2017 (Coastal Carolina University) and 2018 (Huaqiao University)

Coastal Carolina University

"The 1+2+1 Sino-American CHEPD Double Degree program gives us the possibility to choose between 30 different partner universities. Out of these 30 universities Coastal seemed to be a good choice. My major in China is Tourism and Hospitality Management and there are only seven American universities that offer this major. I liked that CCU is in the south of the US and it is at the coast, just like my hometown in China. I didn’t want to go to a cold place. Therefore, I decided to go to Coastal."

Experiences on Campus

"There are a lot of differences between both universities. In a Chinese university, there are more than 100 or more students in a single class, which doesn’t leave you with any chance to say something in class because there are so many people. Here you can express your opinions and participate actively in class. Also, from my experience, Chinese professors are usually very strict and authoritative. My American professors are different. They show interest in my life and because I am an exchange student, they want to know about how I like the US. In comparison to my Chinese professors, they generally show a lot more interest in me."

Advice for Others

“The most important thing, especially for Chinese people is ‘Don’t be afraid to speak English!’ I was feeling really insecure and uncomfortable speaking English in the beginning, but you are only able to improve when you get to speak to others. The people you talk to usually try hard to understand you and they are very patient. In the end, you benefit from your courage to speak to other because the more you speak, the better you get.”