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Ly Pham

Home Country



Accounting (B.S)

Business Administration (M.B.A)

Graduation Year

2012 and 2014

Coastal Carolina University

"There were multiple reasons that brought me to Coastal.  CCU has a reputable business college which I considered as important for my course of studies, and it was affordable for me because I received a scholarship. Another reason for me to come to Coastal was, of course, the weather here South Carolina. These are just some of the reasons why I came to CCU. I had already spent a year in Colorado Springs as an exchange student when I began my studies here in the US. Most surprising for me was to find out how much I have in common with people half a world away. I was kind of nerdy so I could never identify myself with the popular crowd, but I always managed to find like-minded individuals everywhere I went, both in high school and college."

Experiences on Campus

"During my studies at Coastal I kept busy. I was a peer leader, RA, student body secretary, you name it. I have always been obsessed with leadership, especially leadership with a generous scoop of feminism. I had no problem saying yes to any opportunity to gather experience in both subjects. Being able to explore myself through extra-curricular activities is something almost unthinkable in my home country, as a typical Vietnamese student’s course load is often heavier than a full-time job, so whenever anything new and exciting came along, I didn’t hesitate to snatch it with much enthusiasm."

Advice for Others

"CCU played an important part in my life. Coastal is where many of my friendships, ideals, and dreams were made. There is not a single memory that is better than others. They are all equally important and special to me, from sleepless nights in Kimble library, spontaneous chat with strangers in Java city, meeting my best friend, brainstorming sessions and heartfelt conversations with my professors in Wall, to unknowingly meeting my husband for the first time in Edwards. As I am painting a mental image of CCU, there isn’t a single corner on campus without memories attached. CCU is where I shaped who I am today with no small help from my professors, friends, and staff members."