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Enrollment Deposit

An enrollment deposit is a $100 prepayment of your tuition. This deposit confirms that you will attend Coastal Carolina University. If you pay the deposit and decided not to attend the University, the deposit will not be refunded. All new students are required to pay an enrollment deposit. However, some international students are exempt from the deposit. Exempt students will still pay the full amount, but a pre-payment is not required. 

Who is exempt from the enrollment deposit?

  • Exchange students (students studying at CCU for one semester or more from a foreign partner university),
  • Double degree students (students who will earn a degree from CCU and a foreign partner university), and
  • Some Coastal Carolina University scholarship recipients (this does not include international merit or transfer scholarship recipients).

Why do I need to make my enrollment deposit?

You must make your enrollment deposit before you can do any of the following:

  • Enroll in classes,
  • Apply for housing, or
  • Register for Orientation. 

To make your enrollment deposit, click here: http://www.coastal.edu/deposit/