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Intercultural Experience Community

Live with students from all over the world! Join the Intercultural Experience Community!

If you are interested in learning about other cultures, this is your place to live! The Intercultural Experience Community (IEC) is a residential community where two American and two international students live together and share their culture with one another. It is located in Low Country 208 and currently consists of 32 students in eight apartments.

The IEC is more than just a residential community; it is first and foremost a big family, where doors are always open. Besides the official meetings, which take place every three weeks, the members spend lots of time together. When you come to one of the apartments in the IEC during the evening, you most likely find some members having dinner together, watching a movie, playing board or video games.

During the triweekly meetings all members have a potluck dinner together. Each apartment cooks once per semester. Usually every person will prepare a dish that is typical for their country. Don’t be afraid if cooking is not one of your strength, there are plenty of people to help you! You will love to be able to try so many different kinds of food. The second part of the meetings consists of some kind of activity. Most activities focus on developing intercultural skills and learning about each other’s cultures.

Besides the regular meetings, we also offer several trips throughout the semester. For the trips the IEC often works closely together with the International Club. In the past, members were able to go to places such as Charleston, Savannah, Cherokee and Atlanta. Usually there are also some local trips, for example to a living history farm or to a BBQ at the beach.

The Intercultural Experience Community gives you the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships with students from all around the world. It is like your own study abroad program without actually going abroad. You will be able to get a better understanding of and adaptation to cultural diversity and intercultural communication. Interacting with people from all around the world on a daily basis will help you broadening your worldview.

You are encouraged to use your individual skills and interests to help the IEC moving forward. The IEC has different committees such as recruitment, marketing and memory keeping, which have a major influence on the development of the community. All of the members help in one of these committees and use their strengths to make the IEC a great experience for everyone!

There are several info sessions in the beginning of every semester during which you will learn about the IEC and the application process. The recruitment of new American members happens in the beginning of the previous semester. To join the IEC in fall semester applications are due in February/March and for spring semester they are due in September/October. If you want to apply for living in the IEC and you are a new international student, please contact Amir Maleki ( to receive the application form.                                  

If you have any questions, write us an email or come to the Center for Global Engagement in LJSU A-109.