Kervin Antonio Kenton Fadel - Coastal Carolina University
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Kervin Antonio Kenton Fadel

Home Country ‌

Costa Rica


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Graduation Year


Coastal Carolina University

"Coastal Carolina University gave me a chance – being an athlete – to keep up with my studies while playing soccer. One of the reasons I picked this school was because the coaches were nice and showed a huge interest in bringing me here to become part of their team. Also, the men’s soccer team is one of the top rankings in the country."

Experiences on Campus

"The professors I have had in my first year here have been very nice, easy to reach, big on communication, and willing to help. If you have a question in class, they’re very open to listening and trying to understand the student’s point of view. It has been very enjoyable to get used to this lifestyle, because staff, coaches, or professors are always helpful." 

Advice for Others

"There is not going to be anybody to tell you what to do in college so you have to learn to balance your time. People around here are very friendly and willing to spend time with you, which is a great thing when you’re trying to get used to being in a new environment."