Mandatory Reporting - Coastal Carolina University
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Report your Current Information

Report at the beginning of Each Semester


At the start of the semester, make sure to submit your latest I-94 record in your  INTERNATIONAL PORTAL under the "REQUEST CENTER->I-94" if you have left the country during a break. 

Health Insurance

You must submit proof of health insurance at the start of every semester.  Submit your health insurance through your INTERNATIONAL PORTAL under the "REQUEST CENTER->HEALTH INSURANCE". Your Health Insurance MUST include coverage dates and those coverage dates MUST go through the ENTIRE semester. 

Report as Appropriate

Change of Address

The Center for Global Engagement must have accurate contact information for all international students.  All F-1 or J-1 students must provide updated foreign or local address and telephone information within 10 days of any change.  All changes have to go through the Registrars office. Visit the REGISTRAR webpage->STUDENT FORMS->STUDENT ADDRESS UPDATE. Your "local" address is your CCU or Conway/Myrtle Beach address. Your "home or permanent" address is your address in your home country. 

Change of Major or Minor

If you change or add a major or minor, please make sure your advisor has updated the university systems. This information must be accurate in your SEVIS record.  If a major is changed or added, it will appear on the I-20 or DS-2019, so a new document will be created for you and uploaded to your International Portal.