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Internship Overview

We appreciate your willingness to partner with Coastal Carolina University in providing relevant opportunities to our students. Students complete internships in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters with a goal of gaining meaningful experience in their chosen fields by spending time in a professional work environment related to their major.

As an internship sponsor, your organization agrees to provide a safe, structured, supervised environment where students can flourish, develop real-world experience and help your organization move forward in its daily functioning or special projects.  Usually, both student and internship sponsor will receive multiple benefits from this affiliation.

The student will be expected to enroll in an internship course related to their major and/or career interest.  Most courses will require the student to work a minimum of 10-15 hours per week, and be supervised and graded by a faculty member.

The first step in offering an internship is to complete an Internship Job Description and Memorandum of Understanding  form. The internship will be posted on our JobLINK website for students to view and apply.  You will have the opportunity to meet with student applicants to select your intern.  An Employer Internship Evaluation will be completed at the midpoint and completion of the semester to assess the student's progress and development of work skills.

For further questions, please contact:

Robert Bulsza
Director of Internships and Service Learning‌
Office 843-234-3450
Fax 843-349-2718