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International Enrollment Process

An international internship is an exceptional way to enhance both your academic and personal skills and can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your academic program. It is important for you to be aware of all the placement options, course benefits and potential risk before making a commitment to an international internship placement. Your personal health, safety and learning experience are the University's primary concerns.

Step 1: Student meets with CCU Director of Internships
  1. Meet with Robert Bulsza to discuss internship placement options.
  2. Explore benefits and requirements for course enrollment.
  3. Create a budget estimate and visit with Financial Aid to discuss loan, scholarship and payment options.
  4. Student complete an Application Forms Packet (pdf)
 Step 2: Student meets with academic department
  1. Meet with academic adviser to verify internship experience fits in degree completion plan.
  2. Confirm student meets enrollment requirements.
  3. Identify faculty supervisor and create syllabus.
  4. Complete Instructional/Course Contract for Non-traditional Study form and sign International Internship Learning Contract.
  5. Return packet to Robert Bulsza. Do not yet enroll the student in the respective course(s).
Step 3: Student meets with the Center for Global Engagement
  1. Student registers for the Center for Global Engagement's mandatory pre-departure orientation workshop.
  2. The Center for Global Engagement signs the International Learning Contract and returns it to Robert Bulsza.
  3. Student works to obtain passport, visa, health insurance, travel insurance and inoculations.
Step 4: Final Verification/Enrollment
  1. Robert Bulsza collects and reviews completed forms from student, academic department, Center for Global Engagement and international internship placement site (MOU).
  2. Robert Bulsza signs final approval and sends copies to academic department to enroll student into internship course and to the Center for Global Engagement to initiate student enrollment into INTL 398Q.

Access International Internship Application packet here: Application Forms Packet (pdf)


Robert Bulsza, M.A., LPC
Director of Internships and Service Learning
Career Services Center
Student Union A-203 C