Welcome to Ashes2Art

Welcome to Ashes2Art

Ashes2Art combines art history, archaeology, graphic and web design, 3D animation and digital photography to recreate monuments of the ancient past online. With faculty guidance, students from Coastal Carolina University and other universities, including Arkansas State, AR and Alexandria University, Egypt, conduct focused research on specific monuments, visit the locations, shoot high resolution digital panoramas, build interactive maps and 3D models, write essays that summarize scholarly opinions based on published archaeological reports, and document those sources with extended bibliographies. QuickTime digital panoramas and immersive 3D models are built and posted online utilizing technologies including Panoweaver, Tourweaver, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Google Sketch Up, Google Earth, RealViz Stitcher, Mud Box, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash.

All materials are designed by undergraduate students.

News Updates

Fall 2015: 2nd Annual International Symposium on Virtual Archaeology and Cultural Tourism, Delphi, Greece, sponsored by Coastal Carolina University and the University of the Aegean, September 23-26, 2015.

Summer 2015: International Summer Institute in Advanced Technologies and Cultural Heritage at Delphi, Greece. EU and USA Accredited. Program is a joint collaboration between the University of the Aegean and Coastal Carolina University, July 30-August 10, 2015. The main website is here; the CCU study abroad page for the program is here.

Fall 2014: Dr. Ioannis Liritzis,Professor of Archaeometry, University of the Aegean-Rhodes campus,visits CCU for a week, with lectures to the public and to courses in Geography, Anthropology and Art History.

Spring 2014: Memorandum of Understanding signed between Coastal Carolina University and the University of the Aegean for an annual Advanced Research Summer Institute to begin in July 2014; the MOU will also support the biennial conference at Delphi.

September 2013: Drs. Flaten and Bergeron attend VAMCT in Delphi for an international conference and workshop.

April 2013: Ashes2Art students Marcello Garofalo and Brandon Rudolph have had their research selected into the prestigious Posters on the Hill undergraduate research competition in Washington DC. Garofalo & Rudolph's research, which focuses on "Kinecting Cultural Heritage Sites With Immersive Audio-Gesture Based Learning Environments", was 1 of 60 undergraduate research projects selected in the nation in this year's competition.

March 2013: Dr. Flaten and Professor Case along with students Marcello Garofalo and Brandon Rudolph attended the annual Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology conference, Perth. Flaten and Case chaired the session "Immersive Digital Archaeology? Emerging Technologies to Envision the Past"; Garofalo presented a paper on the digital reconstruction of the Cyrene Treasury while Rudolph demoed a programmed Audio-Gesture based learning environment using a Microsoft Kinect.

April 2011: Dr. Flaten and student Taylor Baldwin attend the annual Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology conference, Beijing. Flaten chaired sessions and presented a paper on Ashes2Art; Baldwin presented a paper on the Agile Process in 3D reconstructions.Dr. Flaten also presented a keynote lecture for the conference.

January 2011: Ashes2Art begins for the sixth time. Our collaboration with Alexandria University, Egypt starts (on hold)

June 2010: Dr. Flaten presentation on Ashes2Art at Arqueologica 2.0 in Seville, Spain; video on display in the Leonardo da Vinci Center, Seville

March 2010: Dr. Flaten and Prof. Olsen visit Alexandria, Egypt to meet with university officials and Dr. Emad Khalil, director of the Center for Maritime Archeaology and Underwater Cultural Heritage. A Memorandum of Understanding between Coastal Carolina University and Alexandria University is expected in August 2010

January 2010: Dr. Flaten presentation on Ashes2Art at Duke University
December 2009: Publication of Visual Resources: An Internation Journal of Documentation special issue: Digital Crossroads (eds. Flaten and Gill; Taylor & Francis/Routledge), vol. 25 (12/2009) and an essay on Ashes2Art (pp. 355-372) is also available in an online version.

October 2009: Campus Technology magazine article, "Expanding the Canon" which discusses three programs nationwide: Ashes2Art and projects at Harvard and Duke Universities (Matt Villano); also available in an online version. Ashes2Art described as "inspiring a new kind of undergraduate education that is immersive, experiential, and contributive at the same time."

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