Ashes2Art Projects
Delphi, Greece (Stage 2, 2007 - present)
Coastal Carolina University and the University of the Aegean

With the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, and the American School for Classical Studies in Athens, Ashes2Art spent several semesters documenting Delphi.From 2007-2009 CCU collaborated with Arkansas State on the first stage of our work at Delphi. Beginning in 2013, CCU began collaboration with the University of the Aegean, Duke University, Arizona State University, and Max Planck Instut for Informatics, Vienna.
Alexandria, Egypt (on hold)
Coastal Carolina University and Alexandria University, Egypt

In January 2011, Ashes2Art began collaboration with the Centre for Maritime Archeaology and Underwater Cultural Heritage at Alexandria University. Our initial focus will be Lake Mareotis (west of Alexandria). Subsequent excavation sites may include Wadi Gawasis, Quseir al-Qadim, and Saddana Island on the Red Sea.

Renaissance Florence (Stage 1, fall 2005)
Coastal Carolina University

Florence was the first investigative project for Ashes2Art. While the agenda for this component was significantly less ambitious than later projects, it allowed the directors to gauge the efficacy of such a program and allowed us to dream of future locations and opportunities.

Coastal Carolina University and Shaanxi Normal University
The first step of this collaboration was begun in summer 2014 by Paul Olsen with students at the Shaanxi Normal University over the course of 4 weeks.


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