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What is SafeConnect?

SafeConnect is a NAC (network access control) tool to help ensure that only current CCU students, faculty, and staff can use CCU network resources.  It also validates that each system meets security requirements to keep the network safe for all users.  Specifically, SafeConnect checks the following:

  • SafeConnect Policy Key installed
  • Authentication using CCU username/password
  • Operating System patches - installed and up-to-date
  • Antivirus Software installed and up-to-date

SafeConnect is our replacement for Cisco Clean Access.

How do I use SafeConnect?

If you have not installed the SafeConnect Policy Key, you will be prompted to do so after opening a web browser.

1. SafeConnect Client - The SafeConnect client and related PolicyKey must be installed on any computer on the CCU network.  Please select the appropriate instructions below:

Mac Installation Instructions html pdf

Windows Installation Instructions html pdf


2. Anti-Virus – Anti-virus software recognized by SafeConnect must be installed on your machine.  The anti-virus software must be running, and your virus definition files must be up-to-date.

Download free anti-virus software

How to Verify anti-virus is running and up-to-date


3. Operating System Updates – Your operating system must be configured to look for new updates.

Mac - How to verify your OS is configured to look for updates

Windows - How to verify your OS is configured to look for updates


4. Uninstall Cisco - If you currently have Cisco Clean Access Agent installed on your computer, we highly recommend that you uninstall it now.  Cisco is no longer needed.

Mac - Uninstall Cisco Instructions

Windows - Uninstall Cisco Instructions

How do I register my game console or media streaming device?

You must self-register your game console/media streaming device through SafeConnect.  Please read the instructions below carefully as you must have a computer/device (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) connected to the Internet through SafeConnect IN ADDITION to your game console/media device.

Instructions for Registering your Game Console/Media Streaming Device

Questions? Contact us.

Students: Please visit the ITS/Student Computing Services Tech Support Center in Kearns 113 or call us at 843-349-2220 or 843-349-2908.

You may also submit a Student Help Request Form.

Faculty/Staff: Please submit a Faculty/Staff Help Request Form or call the ITS Help Desk at 843-349-5000.