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Institutional Research, Assessment & Analysis Staff

Christine Mee Executive Director of Planning & Research SNGL 210C 843-349-2091
Stephanie Brownell Institutional Research Analyst/Statistician SNGL 211 843-349-2051
Vivian Ford Associate Director, Institutional Effectiveness SNGL 209B 843-349-2733
Molly French Institutional Research Analyst SNGL 211 843-349-2294
Holly Legg Associate Director, Assessment and
Records Management
SNGL 209A 843-349-2994
Steve Manz Statistician SNGL 211B 843-349-4009 
Timothy McCormick Director, Institutional Analysis SNGL 210B 843-349-2062
Shelly Owens Assistant Director, Institutional Research SNGL 209A 843-349-2322
Tabitha Singletary Institutional Research Analyst SNGL 211A 843-349-2095
Kim Singleton Institutional Research Analyst SNGL 211 843-349-6599