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Course Evaluations

For Students

Evaluation Overview

Link from “Course Evaluations” in your Coastal email
Take it on your phone/tablet/laptop
Reminder if you forget
100% confidential

Which courses get evaluated?

  • Courses with 6+ enrolled
  • Smaller classes if requested by the instructor
  • Specific courses (generally internships and independent study) may be excluded per the college Dean

When is it?

  • Regular Semester: During the 14 days prior to first day of finals
  • Short and Summer Semesters: During the seven days prior to course end date in WebAdvisor
  • Courses with Odd End Dates: During the 14 days prior to course end date in WebAdvisor

How do I get it?

  • Students will receive an email invite in your CCU email account from “Course Evaluations.” 
  • Students will receive only one invite per date grouping (Regular Fall, Fall II, etc.).
  • A link in the email takes you to a list of all your evaluated courses in that date grouping.
  • If you haven’t completed the evaluations after the halfway mark you’ll get a reminder.

How do I take it?

  • Open the survey on any internet-enabled device: smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • After submitting an evaluation for each course, the survey links back to an updated list of courses until all are complete. Distance-learning courses get additional dlstance-specific questions.
  • It’s OK if your instructor wants to complete evaluations during class time, as long as they’re out of the room until you’re finished.

Is it confidential?

  • Results are 100 percent anonymous. Instructors see only a collective response from all students who took course evaluations; the system doesn't allow instructors to connect ANY quantitative responses with an individual student.
  • Results are confidential unless you choose to identify yourself in them, the same goes for written comments.
  • No one can see any responses until grades have been finalized.

How is it used?

  • Evaluations are used by instructors to improve their courses and teaching.
  • Evaluations are used by department chairs and administrators to evaluate instructors' performance.

Why should I do it?

  • Speak up, be heard and and shape your University!
  • Your feedback is vital to continually improving CCU and letting instructors know what works (and what doesn’t).