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Student FAQs

Why should I complete an online evaluation?
Speak up, be heard and and shape your University! Your feedback is vital to identifying strengths and weaknesses of courses, programs, and faculty instruction. Completing your course evaluations allows faculty, department heads and deans to learn about your experience in the classroom. Constructive suggestions that may help the faculty member to improve the lectures, readings, assignments and exams are particularly valuable. This important feedback is also used to make tenure and performance decisions by the University.

How do I access my online course evaluations?
Each student enrolled in one or more evaluated course will receive an invitation to complete course evaluations in their official Coastal email, along with several reminders for those who’ve not yet completed them. The evaluations can be opened on any internet-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

When will online evaluations be available?
You will receive an email invitation in your university email account letting you know online evaluations are available. Online evaluations for regular semesters are available during the 14 class-day period prior to the beginning of final exams. Short and summer semesters are available for the seven class-day period prior to the end date listed in Colleague. Courses with odd end dates are available for the 14 class-day period prior to the end date listed in Colleague.

Why don’t I see all of my courses in the list?
A minimum of six students must be enrolled for a course to be evaluated. Specific courses (generally internships and independent study) may be excluded per the college Dean. Additionally, short-semester courses (Fall, Fall II, etc.) and courses with non-standard end dates are evaluated at different times; you will receive a separate invitation for each date grouping.

I do not have time to complete my evaluation right now. Will my answers be lost if I stop in the middle of the evaluation?
No. When you are ready to return to the evaluations, you will need to use the link in your email.

Are my responses confidential?
100%. Coastal is very concerned about the confidentiality of its evaluations. Access via your official Coastal email is required so that the software can determine the courses you need to evaluate, but the course evaluation system does not tie results (quantitative or qualitative) in any way to the your identifying data. Only a collective response from all students who took course evaluations is available, and only after grades have been finalized.

If responses are confidential, how am I able to receive email reminders that I have not yet completed my course evaluation?
The course evaluation system has the functionality to allow automatic email reminders to be sent to non-responders on pre-determined dates.

Will evaluation results be available to faculty before grades are posted?
No. Reports will not be available until after final grades are due.

How can I tell if I have completed all of my evaluations?
If you have completed all of your evaluations, the system will show that you have no evaluations left to complete once you log in.

Are course evaluations mandatory?
No – but each evaluation you complete helps make Coastal a better university for you and for future students.

How are the results of course evaluations used?
Course evaluation results are used by instructors to modify and improve their teaching, by deans and department chairs to evaluate faculty, and by departments and committees to review candidates for tenure and promotion, gather data for assessment, and make curricular changes.

Why does my course show up twice?
For team-taught courses (those with two or more instructors assigned), each instructor is evaluated separately and you will see a separate listing for each. Each instructor will receive only the responses to questions concerning him or her.

What can I do if I missed the course evaluation deadline?
Evaluations cannot be completed after the deadline.

I keep getting reminders to complete my evaluations; how can I make them stop?
You still have one or more evaluations to complete. The reminders will stop when you submit all evaluations.

Can I modify an evaluation that I have already submitted?
Once you submit, you cannot go back and make changes.

I have withdrawn from a course that still appears on my evaluation list. What should I do?
Depending on when you withdrew, you may still see a course listed. Just submit a blank evaluation for this course.