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Tableau Cloud (formerly Tableau Online)

Tableau is a software solution used to explore, analyze, and visualize data at the University. Institutional Research administers Tableau Cloud licenses for the University. Faculty and staff may obtain a license free of charge to view visualizations for administrative operations.

For more information about Tableau licenses, please contact:

Stephanie Jagannathan: 843-349-2051

Getting Started

The University currently has a limited number of licenses for Tableau Cloud. In order to ensure these licenses are used effectively, we can only release one to a unit with a demonstrated business need. Our office is available to help develop visualizations and dashboards for administrative use.

Students and faculty may obtain an academic license directly from Tableau.

Requesting a License

To request a Tableau Cloud license, please email the following information to Stephanie Jagannathan:

  • First and last name
  • Unit and department
  • Brief description of how Tableau Cloud will be used
  • Brief description of your level of expertise with Tableau Cloud

Data Security and Permissions

Any data presented by the University in Tableau is considered sensitive information and should be treated as such. Please do not screenshot or share Tableau visualizations with those not authorized.


Tableau offers a variety of resources to help you learn how to use Tableau and advance your skills as a developer:

Report an Error or Make a Suggestion

To report a Tableau error or make a suggestion, please access the following link: Tableau Online User Feedback


updated 6-2022