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General Retention Schedule
General Records Retention Schedule for State Colleges and Universities

Custom Retention Schedule

Academic Testing Center
17594 Academic Testing Center Files
Accessibility and Disability Services
15748 Accessibility and Disability Services Client Records
Accounts Payable
16962 Certificate of Insurance Records
Administrative and Academic Departments
15513 Procurement Card Records
16272 Compliance Files
16273 Student Athlete Compliance Files
16930 Student Athlete Random Drug Testing Files
Biddle Center
16276 Student Mentor Files
Center for Global Engagement
16069 Study Abroad Student Files 
16070 International Student Files
Counseling Services
15747 Counseling Services Client Records
Dean of Students (Student Conduct)
15696 Student Discipline Files
Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance Services
16554 Insurance Claim Forms
Financial Aid and Scholarships
16787 Student Financial Aid Records
Hackler Golf Course
16982 Hackler Golf Course Records
Human Resources and Equal Opportunity
15077 Request for Student Services
15302 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Files
15387 Classification/Compensation Actions
15443 Criminal Background Checks/Background Release Forms 
16081 Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) and E-Verify
16086 University Affiliate Forms
16087 Volunteer Forms
16255 Research Grant Actions
16256 Temporary Grant Actions
16257 Time-Limited Actions
16258 Temporary Work Authorization Records
16259 Permanent Work Authorization Records
17629 Marketplace Exchange Notification
17771 Affordable Care Act Reports
18535 Americans with Disabilities Act and Workplace Possibilities Program Accommodation Files
18674 Employee Relations Files
18675 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)/South Carolina Human Affairs
Commission (SHAC) Files
Provost's Office
15871 Students' Graded Exams, Papers and Homework
17166 Syllabi
17237 Faculty Credentialing Records
17897 Field Trip Liability Waiver
Public Safety
15031 Vehicle Daily Check Sheet
15032 Release of Liability
15033 Security Building Guest Entry Log
16560 Incident Reports
Registrar's Office
16334 Tuition Refund Appeals
16925 Student Enrollment Files
18416 Academic Program Evaluation
18633 External College Transcripts
Scheduling and Event Services
15024 Ticket Stubs
15789 Event Files
Student Accounts
16181 Parent Loan For Undergraduate Student (PLUS) Change of Payee Form
16525 Credit Card Receipts 
17246 Federal Perkins Loan Program Records
Student Life
16240 Student Event Files
16271 Stipend Files
16277 Student Media Applications
16440 Civic Engagement Files
16441 Student Leadership Files
16442 Student Organization Files
16443 Fraternity and Sorority Organization Files
University Counsel
16530 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
18675 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)/South Carolina Human Affairs
Commission (SHAC) Files
University Housing
13421 Student Residence Files
18687 University Housing Resident Assistant Forms
University Recreation
15700 Accident/Incident Report