Surveys - Coastal Carolina University
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Submitting a Survey Ticket

Please provide the following information to the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis (IRAA) at

  1. Requestor's name
  2. Title and department/unit
  3. Contact information (i.e., email and phone number)
  4. Category of survey:
    • Institutional survey or assessment instrument
    • Research survey, target population inside University
    • Research survey, target population outside University
  5. If a research survey, indicate if a faculty or student-led project
  6. Title of survey
  7. Description of project, including purpose
  8. Specific population being surveyed (e.g., student, faculty, staff, etc.)
  9. Portion of the population to be surveyed (e.g., all, 20% random sample, 300 participants, etc.)
  10. Desired start and end dates, and dates of any reminders if applicable
  11. Method of distribution (e.g., paper or online; via email link, web, social media, or in-person):
    • If distributed via email link, the individual or office that will send the emails
    • If distributed on paper, account number for printing charges
  12. Evidence of IRB review, if applicable
  13. Evidence of administrative approval, if applicable
  14. Draft of the survey
  15. Drafts of invitation or cover letters and reminders, if applicable

If a recurring survey has been approved in an earlier year, it will be necessary only to submit information about the proposed administration dates. Surveys that have been approved in prior years, but which have been changed, must be re-approved.

If you have questions regarding surveys, please contact IRAA at or 843-349-2294.