Install Echo360 - Coastal Carolina University
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Install Echo360

Self-Serve Installation

To install Echo360 yourself, login to Echo360 using your CCU username and password.

Step 1. Once you are logged in to Echo360, select the installer for Macs or Windows as shown at the bottom of the graphic below.

Download Instructions for Echo 360 pdf 

Step 2. If you receive a Security Warning when you download the software to run the installer, click Run.

Step 3. The Echo360 Software Capture Setup dialog box will appear, click Next.

Echo360 Installation Screen 3 image

Step 4. Next, click I Accept in the license agreement dialog box and click Next.

Step 5. Click Next to accept the default destination folder, then click Next to begin the installation.

Step 6. Once the installation is complete you will receive a dialog box stating the installation is finished. Here you can choose to add a shortcut to your desktop and to open Echo360. Once you have made your selections, click Finish.

Echo360 Installation Screen 6 image

Step 7. Launch Echo360.

Echo360 Installation Screen 7 image

Step 8. Click on the cog-icon (between Login and the question mark in the white bar at the top) and check that the ESS URL is set to: Click Done when confirmed.

Echo360 Installation Screen 8 image 

Step 9. Click Login in the top right corner and enter your CCU username and password.

Echo360 Installation Screen 9 image

Step 10. Enter your Title of Recording at the top. Choose which Microphone, Primary Display, and Webcam you wish to use.

Echo360 Installation Screen 10 image 

Step 11. Click the Record button when you are ready. Once complete, your recording will show below (this may take a few minutes to appear). Once the recording appears, select the check mark box to publish.

Echo360 Installation Screen 11 image