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Discontinuation of Creative Cloud Synced Files

Posted Aug. 3, 2023

If you use Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) solutions, please review the important announcement below regarding Adobe’s discontinuation of Creative Cloud Synced Files.

If you do not use Creative Cloud Synced Files, you will not be affected.

If you are unsure whether your Adobe assets are impacted, check to see if you have synced files online here: If you have synced files, continue reading below for more information and recommended actions.

Starting Feb. 1, 2024

Users will no longer be able to share files or folders from Creative Cloud Synced Files with users outside of CCU. Synced file sharing between CCU users will continue to work until Oct. 1, 2024.

Starting Oct. 1, 2024

Adobe will begin discontinuing the Creative Cloud content synchronization process as well as synced file and folder sharing, and permanently removing the cloud-based copies of files for users at the enterprise level (CCU users).

Key points:

  • Assets in the local Creative Cloud Files folder on the user’s local devices will no longer be synchronized with Creative Cloud storage.
  • Assets will remain in the local Creative Cloud Files folder on a user's local device.
  • Shared assets or folders from Creative Cloud Synced Files will no longer be accessible to others.
  • Creative Cloud apps will continue supporting file-based workflows on a user's local device, allowing users to choose where to store and manage their files locally.

Note you may not see these changes right away as Adobe rolls out the process gradually.

Recommended actions

It is recommended that you safely store and back up your synced file assets through a CCU cloud storage provider, such as Microsoft OneDrive or another backup storage location of choice.

Where do I find my Creative Cloud Files folder on my local device?

The contents of the Creative Cloud Files folder can be found by navigating to the folder listed below:

Windows: C:\Users\<Username>\Creative Cloud Files

macOS: Mac HD/Users/<Username>/Creative Cloud Files

Additional Guidance 
  • If you are unsure of the differences between Adobe Cloud Documents and synced files, read more here.
  • For Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fresco users, Cloud Documents is Adobe's web-first solution for saving, sharing, and collaborating on creative work-in-progress.
  • Creative Cloud Libraries are the recommended solution for sharing design elements.
  • Users may store other Adobe assets in Microsoft OneDrive, which allows users to create file-sharing links to share their work with external or CCU users.
  • To migrate Creative Cloud synced files to back them up to another solution:
    1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app and ensure that you're signed in using your source account or profile.
    2. Click File > Open Sync Folder.
    3. This opens the Creative Cloud files folder on your computer.
    4. Move the files from the Creative Cloud files folder to another folder on your computer or upload your files to a cloud storage space, such as Microsoft OneDrive.

To read more about this notice, access the Adobe Synced Files discontinuation article.