Safety Telephones

To enhance telephone capabilities in the event of an emergency, ITS has installed safety telephones in select academic locations on campus. The telephones have pre-prgrammed buttons for quick and easy access to CCU Campus Emergency (2911) and Horry County Disptach (911). Other outbound calls are not permitted and all inbound calling is disabled. To make an outgoing call in an emergency:

  • Use top right button to contact CCU (preferred)
  • Use bottom left button to contact Horry County 911

Wi-Fi calling is also an option for telephone service when a wireless signal may be weak.

Safety Telephone Locations

‌Lib Jackson Student Union

100 Spadoni Park Circle‌

Room A104 Connor Family Conference Room
Room A201 Pete and Jamie Green Meeting Room
Room A213 meeting room
Room A214 meeting room
Room A215 meeting room

David and Christy Douglas Hall

107 Chanticleer Drive East

Room 105 classroom/lab
Room 107 classroom/lab
Room 115 classroom/lab
Room 119 classroom/lab
Room 120 classroom/lab
Room 121 research lab
Room 122 classroom/lab
Room 125 classroom/lab
Room 215 classroom/lab
Room 218 classroom/lab
Room 220 research lab
Room 223 classroom/lab
Room 225 classroom/lab
Room 303 classroom/lab
Room 305 classroom/lab
Room 306 classroom/lab
Room 308 classroom/lab
Room 318 classroom/lab
Room 319 research lab
Room 320 classroom/lab
Room 322 classroom/lab
Room 325 classroom/lab
Room 327 classroom/lab
Room 330 classroom/lab

Penny Hall

115 Chanticleer Drive East

Room 201 classroom
Room 203 classroom
Room 204 classroom
Room 210 classroom
Room 214 classroom
Room 215 classroom
Room 216 classroom
Room 217 classroom
Room 239 classroom
Room 240 classroom
Room 241 classroom
Room 301 classroom
Room 303 classroom
Room 304 classroom
Room 310 classroom
Room 311 classroom

Williams Brice Building (Annex)

105 Independence Drive

Room 155
Room 156

To learn more about emergency communications at CCU, visit Emergency Management »