SafeConnect - Coastal Carolina University
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SafeConnect is a NAC (network access control) tool to help ensure that only those with valid Coastal Carolina University credentials are able access University wireless network resources. It also ensures that each connecting system meets security requirements in order to keep the network safe for all users. SafeConnect is required for authentication on eduroam and CCUResNet (wireless in University Housing). Specifically, SafeConnect checks the following:

  • SafeConnect policy key is installed
  • Authentication using CCU username/password
  • Operating system patches are installed and up-to-date
  • Antivirus software is installed and up-to-date
Install SafeConnect

The SafeConnect client and related policy key must be installed on any computer on the CCU wireless network. If you have not installed the SafeConnect policy key, you will be prompted to do so after opening a web browser. Select the appropriate instructions:

Install SafeConnect for Apple/Macs (PDF)

Install SafeConnect for Windows (PDF)

Install SafeConnect for Mobile (PDF)