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CCU Community Fitness Testing Program

A minimum level of personal fitness and physical activity is widely viewed as one of the best forms of health insurance. With increased emphasis on personal responsibility in health care, it pays for the individual to be informed about their risk for disease and illness and the role of exercise and physical activity.

The Coastal Carolina University community has access to the best available physical fitness assessments. As an educational endeavor and community service, these tests are available at a fraction of the commercial costs. CCU faculty and staff receive additional cost reductions.

The Community Fitness Testing Program is designed to provide both beginning and advanced exercisers a picture of their fitness and health status.  Participants may gain insight into their heart/cardiovascular disease risk, body composition status, and muscular/joint fitness level. This is a comprehensive testing program that goes beyond assessment; participants receive a thorough report of their results in addition to an individualized exercise and lifestyle modification plan. The Program may also provide advanced exercisers with the most accurate assessments of their training state to enhance future performance.

For more information about the Community Fitness Testing Program or to schedule an assessment(s), please contact Stacey Beam, coordinator, Smith Exercise Science Lab, 843-349-2807 or

Participants (both beginning and advanced exercisers) may choose independent tests with different time and preparation requirements. See the chart below for the available tests. Many of these tests use advanced scientific methods, providing the "gold standard" fitness assessment.


Level of Exerciser

Est. Length (mins)

Cost (Community/CCU)

Cardiorespiratory: Direct Measurement (VO2max)*




Cardiorespiratory: Indirect Measurement (Aerobic Capacity)*

Beginner or Advanced



Body Composition: BodPod or Hydrostatic (underwater) Weighing

Beginner or Advanced



Body Composition: Skinfold Assessment




Muscular Fitness Tests: (Strength, Endurance & Flexibility)




Lung Function Test

Beginner or Advanced



Fasting Blood Glucose

Beginner or Advanced



Fasting Cholesterol

Beginner or Advanced



All tests include interpretation and exercise prescription for participants.
*Certain restrictions/pre-test requirements may apply.