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EXSS 495 Course Description: Internship in Exercise and Sport Science

(9-12 credit hours) (Prerequisites: Admission to Internship: 1, "C" or better in all exercise and sport science major requirements, 2.25 cumulative GPA or higher at Coastal Carolina University, completion of all required exercise and sport science coursework, and advisor/program approval.) Students gain opportunities to apply and further develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities through full-time supervised experiences (350-450 hours). Students will perform full-time internships in approved exercise or sport science-related facilities such as hospitals, fitness centers or physical therapy/rehabilitation clinics.

In addition to completing responsibilities and hours at the internship site, students can expect to complete additional assignments and participate in group discussions on Moodle during this course. Expectations will be previewed in EXSS 490: Seminar is Exercise and Sport Science.

Before students are able to be registered for EXSS 495, students are required meet with their advisor for approval. The program advisor will need to sign a special permission form to be sure he/she is ready for this course based on program evaluation. Please provide the completed form to EXSS internship coordinator in order to be registered for this course after advisor meeting.

Below is a link to the approved CCU internship sites. If students find a new site that is not listed, it must be approved by the internship coordinator. Please provide the contact information of the new site to the internship coordinator to be approved.

Approved EXSS Internship Sites

Internship Documents

Below are the forms that need to be completed PRIOR to starting at the internship and beginning the course. Ideally, forms should be submitted before the start of the internship semester. The deadline to turn in these forms is by the last drop/add day of the enrolled internship semester. All completed forms can be completed electronically and emailed (or scanned as .pdf) or printed and given to the internship coordinator. Please see the Academic Calendar for semester dates.

Instructions for online internship forms with electronic signatures (students, employers and faculty)

  1. Enter data then click on signature box.
  2. A new pop-up box will appear. Select to create "A new digital ID I want to create now."
  3. Select to save the file as "New PKCS#12 digital ID file."
  4. Fill out form with required contact information.
  5. Create a password.
  6. A new pop-up box will appear. Sign the document by entering the password. (Date and time will fill-in automatically)
  7. Save to desktop and send as an attachment to an email.

Internship Forms (PDFs)