KNES Physiology Teaching Laboratory - Coastal Carolina University
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EXSS Teaching Laboratories

There are two Teaching Laboratories within the Department of Kinesiology. These laboratories are primarily used to allow students to experience physiological changes that occur during exercise (EXSS 350 - Exercise Physiology) and master skills of exercise testing and exercise prescription through hands on learning (EXSS 385 - Exercise Testing and Prescription). In addtion to learning during class time, students may use these spaces outside of class time to conduct reasearch with a faculty mentor. 

Example Teaching Laboratory Activities

  • YMCA Submaximal Aerobic Test
  • Skinfold Body Composition Measurements
  • Muscle Strength Testing 
  • VO2max Test

Equipment in Labs

  • Monark™ Cycle Ergometers 
  • Lange™ Skinfold Calipers
  • OMNIA BIA Analyzers