Motor Behavior Laboratory - Coastal Carolina University
In This Section

The Motor Behavior Laboratory is fully equipped with technology and equipment used in the assessment of human motor control and skilled performance. Located within the lab is an integrated instructional classroom conducive to student engagement and participation in both lecture and lab activities.

The lab includes a variety of equipment used for human evaluation in perception, movement timing, balance motor control, proprioception, biofeedback, motor abilities, and cognition.  Research examining areas such as anticipation-timing, balance, motor learning/practice conditions, reaction time, choking under pressure and skilled performance, cortical resources and motor skilled performance is currently conducted by students and faculty. For both teaching and research purposes, the lab houses the equipment listed below.


  • Biodex Balance System SD
  • Lafayette Modified Bassin Anticipation Timer (2)
  • MOART Reaction and Movement Time Panel with Psymcon Control (5)
  • Lafayette Stability Platform with Digital Control (4)
  • Lafayette Dexterity and Ability Assessment (variety)
  • Speed Radar Guns (4)
  • Lafayette Clocks and Switchmats (variety)
  • MUSE – portable EEG system (ERP and Frequency analysis)
  • E-Prime - Psychological Software (e.g. tests working memory, attention)