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Kinesiology Research Projects

Our faculty members embrace their roles as teachers, scholars, and mentors by engaging students in a wide variety of community outreach activities, collaborative and mentored research projects, and theory-to-practice experiential learning opportunities. ‌In support of programs and faculty, our community-based outreach services provide meaningful hands-on experiences for students and faculty to meet local and regional needs.

Faculty: Gibson Darden and Jason Smith
1. The Effects of a Weighted Bat Warm-Up on Anticipation Timing and Bat Velocity
2. Reliability of the iSAM 9000 Isokinetic Dynamometer
Faculty: Tim Meyler

1. Effects of Exergaming on Balance with Older Adults
2. Effects of Exergaming and Traditional Physical Activity on Reported Health, Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Responses
Faculty: Will Lyerly
Student Research Coordinator (studies 1 and 2): Danielle Ludlam
Student Research Assistant (study 2): Ashby Williamson
1. Golf: The Effect of Walking versus Riding on Energy Expenditure
2. Physical Activity levels in College students: How much do they get and is it enough?
Faculty: Ashley Balyeat
Student Research Assistants: Victoria Everhart and Rodney Hancock
1. The Correlation between Academic Performance, Academic Major, Recreation Utilization, and Body Composition in College Students
Faculty: Jason Cholewa and Fabricio Rossi
Student Head Research Assistant: Amy Hewins
Student Research Assistants: Justice Smith, Samantha Gallow, and Ashley Micensky
1. The Effects of Two Different Resistance Training Programs on Body Composition, Strength, and Muscle Growth in Females