The Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Professional Development Series aims to foster and develop cultural competency through knowledge, awareness, and skills.

This three-part series fosters awareness of barriers that impact campus climate, addressing issues ranging from implicit bias and microaggressions to cultural competency and allyship.

What is Implicit Bias?

The assumptions, stereotypes, and unintentional actions we make towards others are based on social identities like race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or ability.

It's stored in our subconscious. 
You don't even know it's there.
So you will act on it without even realizing it.

Implicit biases are the product of learned associations and social conditioning. Everyone is susceptible.

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How to fight your own implicit biases:

Fighting implicit biases is difficult. There are no easy answers, but there are concrete steps that we can take to reduce the effects of implicit bias. Enroll in the Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Professional Development Series to learn more about various intervention strategies.

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