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Acquisitions Manual: Procedures for Ordering/Accepting Library Materials

Acquisitions Manual Collection Management Glossary Electronic Resources Procedures for Ordering Overview of Program Table of Contents

2.1 Requesting Books or Nonprint Materials:

Order Requests

Faculty first determine that desired materials are not currently held by Kimbel Library by checking the online catalog. For items which faculty wish to order, they can email requests to the appropriate Library Representative or complete a Monograph Order Request Form. Either way, All requests must be forwarded to the Department Representative for initial approval. Following this step, the requests are forwarded to the Library Liaison for final review. (It is helpful to include a copy of any ads or catalogs which you might have available.)

Completing the Order Request Forms

We ask that faculty include as much information about materials they wish to order as possible.

Book requests should include:
  1. Author's (or editor's) full name
  2. Complete title of work
  3. Publisher (with full address if it is a small publisher)
  4. Date of publication and edition
  5. ISBN (International Standard Book Number -- very important) the availability of this number will greatly speed up your order.
  6. Price
  7. fund to be charged
  8. series if available
  9. name of the requestor
  10. date by which the item is required. If it is a RUSH order, please indicate RUSH
  11. catalog, Web address or any information which is available
Nonprint requests should include:
  1. Format of material (VHS, CD, kit, etc)
  2. Author's (or editor's) full name
  3. Complete title of work
  4. Publisher (with full address if it is a small publisher)
  5. Date of publication and edition
  6. ISBN or publisher's number (very important) the availability of this number will greatly speed up your order.)
  7. Price
  8. Fund to be charged
  9. Series if available
  10. Name of the requestor
  11. Date by which the item is required. If it is a RUSH order, please indicate RUSH
  12. Catalog, Web address or any information which is available
Faculty are notified when new books are cataloged only if they have indicated RUSH on the order form. Since it may take three months for a book to arrive (Foreign language and obscure titles take longer) Faculty may want to mark an order RUSH.
RUSH orders are handled individually, receive no discount, and shipping charges are expensive; please use RUSH only when absolutely necessary.
Once a request has been ordered by the library, faculty may search the online catalog by title for the status of the order. Examples of the status of a request follow:

1 copy ordered for Main Stacks on (date)
1 copy being processed for Media
Order cancelled for Main Stacks

For any title which has been cancelled, the Acquisitions staff will be happy to research why the title was cancelled.

Faculty Member
requests material
Department Representative
authorizes request
Library Liason
reviews approved requests
Acquisitions, Collections Management Services
places order
recieves order and ships material to Kimbel Library
Acquisitions, Collections Management Services
recieves materials, verifies, and pays invoice
Cataloging, Collection Management Services catalogs, processes, and routes all new materials by liasons
Circulation Desk
shelves new materials
Help in Book and Nonprint Selection
  1. Collection Management Services Services receives catalogs from major publishers and university presses. These catalogs are kept in the Collection Management Services area of the library. Frequently, Library Liaisons or the Collection Development staff may route you catalogs or flyers in your area of interest.
  2. Most books that are currently available are listed in such online bookstores as Barnes & Noble or Amazon . You should be able to find the complete book information (author, title, ISBN, publisher, date,price) if the book is currently available. Other titles may be listed as Special Order and may have notes such as publishers may be out-of-stock (OS) or out-of-print (OP). Keep in mind that these bookstores are retail outlets that may list materials that may no longer be available.
  3. In addition to publisher catalogs, the library provides several online sources for material selection. Choice Reviews Online publishes unbiased reviews of academic materials (books, electronic media, and internet resources) that include audience level and purchase recommendation. Books in Print is a bibliographic database of in print and forthcoming books, ebooks, films and audiobooks of interest to all audiences. Resources for College Libraries is the updated, online version of Books for College Libraries, and offers lists of core academic titles identified by subject bibliographers.
  4. Websites and catalogs for qualified foreign language distributors and nonprint distributors are available from the Collection Management Services department. Please contact your Library Liaison if you wish to search for foreign language or nonprint vendors.
Reasons Why Titles Cannot Be Obtained
  1. OUT OF PRINT. When the publisher has no copies of a given title for distribution and does not intend to reprint this title, it is considered out of print. If the title you ordered is out of print, we can have an out of print dealer search for the title, but the success rate is only about 20%.
  2. CANNOT BE SHIPPED WITHIN POLICY DATES. Vendors and publishers are given six months to procure a title. If the order cannot be filled within that time frame, the order is automatically cancelled. If a title is cancelled but you would like the Acquisitions staff to followup on individual titles, please contact your library liaison.
  3. OUT OF STOCK (OS). If a publisher has no copies of a title for distribution, but is holding orders until it is profitable to reprint that title, we do not keep the order open past the six month period, knowing that it may take many months to reprint, or may never be reprinted. You may hold this order until the following fiscal year to reorder and perhaps the title will become available.
  4. FOREIGN DISTRIBUTION ONLY. The Acquisitions department cannot place any order by credit card or prepayment to foreign vendors. Many foreign websites may list materials for purchase but will not accept a purchase order. The library orders all materials using purchase orders.

2.2 Ordering Serials/Continuations (Journals):

Serials include periodicals, newspapers, annuals, journals, proceedings and numbered monographic series.

Unlike book requests, the library receives Serial requests all year and holds them on file for approval review each May. New approved subscriptions will be ordered after the beginning of the next fiscal year (July) to begin service the following calendar year (January). All new serial approvals are dependent upon a number of factors, including next year's budget projections, reputation of the issuing organization, the language of the serial, the availability of indexing, and cost. Faculty may find Ulrich's Online helpful when choosing new serials. Ulrich's includes reviews, indexing, price and publication information for most journals. The academic departments should submit their requests on Serial Request Forms in rank order.

Serial Request Forms are sent from the academic departments to the Head of Collection Management Services, who forwards them to the appropriate Library Liaison for review. Library Liaisons review the information on the requests and notify the academic departments concerning availability and price discrepancies. Following this review the Serial Request Forms are circulated among the librarians. It is their responsibility to determine whether the new serial requests adhere to the selection criteria.

The library's journal holdings are included in the library's catalog. Use JournalFinder to check availability of print and online (full text) access to all journals and magazines.

2.3 Gift Materials (follow this link for complete policy):

The library welcomes, encourages and solicits gifts of books and journals. The Collection Management Services. Department accepts all gift materials with the understanding that the Library, through the University, becomes the owner of the materials and reserves the right to determine retention, location and disposition. The library generally adds only unduplicated materials that enhance the existing collection and support the educational curriculum at Coastal Carolina University. Deposition may include but is not limited to: selling, trading, donating to other libraries or state agencies, disposal. Gifts are reviewed by the librarians.

Following the selection criteria for library serials, gift subscriptions to journals are accepted for a minimum 3-year subscription term, Gift subscriptions will be ordered after the beginning of the next fiscal year (July) to begin service the following calendar year (January). Gift subscriptions may be ordered directly by the donor or monies may be deposited into the library materials budget.

2.4 Government Documents:

Kimbel Library is a selective depository for federal government documents, and holds 14% of the materials printed by the federal government. The library also participates in the South Carolina State Depository Library Program. It receives all of the state documents that are collected by the South Carolina State Library for distribution. The documents may only be added once a year in June, after the Government Printing Office distributes the Survey Updates to the List of Classes of United States Government Publications Available for Selection by Depository Libraries.

The Library Liaison and the Department Liaison may choose and prioritize new titles, submit them on Document Request Forms, and forward them to the Documents Librarian. Faculty are encouraged to contact the Documents Librarian if they have a specific interest.
Date Last Modified: Jul 09, 2009
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