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Office of Lifespan Studies

Long Term Goals

The office's mission can be subdivided into 10 primary long term goals:

  • To increase the number of older adults and retirees who take regular courses – on a "for credit" or "audit" basis and Lifelong Learning courses offered by Coastal Carolina University.

  • To increase the number of older adults and retirees involved in instructional support and other institutional support roles at the University on a professional or volunteer basis.

  • To increase the number of older adults and retirees who participate in cultural, informational, recreational and sports events sponsored by the University.

  • To identify the initial credentialing and continual training needs of community agencies, businesses, and organizations that serve the OA/R population, and develop University programs to serve those needs.

  • To partner with community facilities serving older adults and retirees to positively influence improvement in the quality and quantity of services to that population.

  • To identify older adults' and retirees' needs and interests and help develop services to meet those needs – especially regarding their higher education related interests.

  • To work with the faculty of the Gerontology Certificate Program to increase the number of students in that program, to help identify appropriate field placements in community facilities, and to help find employment in OA/R – related jobs after graduation.

  • To work with the faculty in developing other courses and programs including courses from other Coastal Carolina University colleges, as well as advanced degrees, for extending the career potential of Coastal Carolina University graduates in OA/R related professions and businesses.

  • To foster and facilitate research and scholarship on OA/R – related subjects conducted at the University; to assist in the development of grants and other funding opportunities for faculty and student research in Sociology, Gerontology, and other aging related education.

  • To become the Premier information and resource center for OA/Rs in the region.

  • To conduct the office's work in the most effective ( = highest quality and best efficiency) manner possible.