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Office of Lifespan Studies Senior Services Directory
Office of Lifespan Studies Senior Services Directory
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Welcome to the online Grand Strand Senior Services Directory, a co-operative effort between Coastal Carolina University and Horry-Georgetown Technical College and maintained by the Coastal Carolina University Office of Lifespan Studies. We hope the Directory is informative, easy to use and helpful to our region's mature adults, their families and to caregivers, agencies, businesses and organizations that serve them. This Directory is available WITHOUT CHARGE.

Using the Directory
Users may access information two ways; if the kind of service is known and you want to know what local facilities and organizations offer these services, refer to the 27 categories or services shown on the left side of this page. Clicking on a selected category will show the agencies and organizations offering the service and clicking on each will show that organizations page.

Clicking on the line "Organization Index" will show a lising of all agencies and organizations in the directory. Choosing an entry will produce the organization's page. Either choice or a combination of "category" and "Organization Index" should be helpful for comparing and choosing what best fits your needs.

If you need "step-by-step" assistance for using the directory, click on "Additional Assistance" on the left side of the page.

Contact Us
This online directory is intended to be helpful and useful to all users, to find those services and organizations that meet your personal needs. Though there are some specific businesses listed the directory is not intended to be commercial. We welcome comments and suggestions for making it more useful. Please contact the Office of Lifespan Studies, Coastal Carolina University, P. O. Box 261954, Conway, SC 29528-6054.

If you represent an organization that serves mature adults but are not listed in the directory, contact us and ask for a Directory Survey form and when returned, the request will be considered. The Office of Lifespan Studies does it's best to provide accurate and up to date content on this website but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information about these services nor the quality of any of the organizations or facilities listed herein.

The organizations and businesses listed on this website are presented for informational purposes only and should in no way be construed as an endorsement by Coastal Carolina University.
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