LiveWell Peer Educators - Coastal Carolina University
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LiveWell Peer Educators

The LiveWell Peer Educators are a group of Coastal students who educate their fellow students on a variety of health topics. Peer educators are comprised of student workers, interns and volunteers. Members of the LiveWell Peer Educator group are advised by the health educator and are trained to implement health promotion programs throughout the campus.


Peer Educators are comprehensively trained in many areas including health promotion theory, presentation skills, initiating creative programming, and developing knowledge of various health topics. These topics include but are not limited to nutrition, exercise and activity, stress, sleep, and sexual health. Other topics are included according to participant interest or request. The initial training consists of a one-day retreat offered on a weekend early in the semester. On-going training occurs through weekly group meetings.


There are many benefits to being a LiveWell Peer Educator. Some of these benefits include working in a team environment, work experience and resume building, an increased knowledge in public health and health promotion, developing public speaking skills, developing leadership skills, and more.