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LiveWell Peer Educators

Who we are

The LiveWell Peer Educators is a student organization that is open for all currently enrolled CCU students to join, regardless of major or class standing.   Members work with the staff of the LiveWell Office and educate their fellow students about healthy living topics with a focus on the 9 Dimensions of Wellness. Peer educators are comprised of student employees, interns and volunteers and are trained and supervised to provide educational presentations to classes, organizations, teams and other student groups. Members also organize events and create initiatives relating to the 9 dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, financial, occupational, cultural and intellectual).   

The LiveWell Peer Educators serves as a collaborative organization with the Department of Exercise and Sports Science in the Exercise is Medicine On Campus national initiative.  

  • Open to all currently enrolled students, regardless of major or class standing; 
  • No dues or related fees; and 
  • No minimum or maximum hours of commitment required (with the exception of interns who have specific hour requirements to fulfil internship). 

What you can gain

The benefits to being a peer assistant or peer educator are unlimited. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Learning about healthy living and self-care; 
  • Opportunities to help others; 
  • Developing or enhancing presentation skills; 
  • Building your resume; 
  • Enhancing leadership skills; 
  • Working closely with a team of others with similar interests; 
  • Developing a deeper knowledge of mental/emotional health and interpersonal violence prevention topics; 
  • Increasing your network and making friends; and 
  • Having FUN! 


Training consists of a one-day retreat offered on a weekend early in the fall and spring semesters. LiveWell members are trained in presentation skills, initiating creative programming, and developing knowledge of various health and wellness topics. Members are taught to provide programs on many topics that impact college students nation-wide, including: 

  • Nutrition; 
  • Exercise and fitness; 
  • Sexual health; 
  • Sleep hygiene; 
  • Body positivity; 
  • Stress/anxiety; 
  • Health advocacy/stigma reduction; and 
  • Other related topics based on student interest. 

Ongoing training occurs throughout the semester at weekly organization meetings. Meeting times may vary each semester.  Specific ongoing training is provided to students who wish to give presentations to classes or other organizations, including “peer matching” offering opportunities for less experienced LiveWell members to work in pairs with other members in order to obtain practice and offer high quality presentations. 


Training:  LiveWell members are required to participate in training activities. 

Outreach events:  Members are encouraged to participate in the planning and implementation of events such as: 

  • Love Your Body Day; 
  • Take Back the Night march and speakout against sexual violence; 
  • The Clothesline Project; 
  • Fall Stresstival; 
  • Out of the Darkness Walk to Fight Suicide; 
  • Countdown Don’t Meltdown: 
  • Wellness Week (and the Wellness-Palooza Fair); and 
  • Other wellness related programs and initiatives. 

Outreach Presentations: While it is hoped that LiveWell members will provide multiple outreach presentations each semester, those uncomfortable with public speaking can still participate through "behind the scenes" preparation of programs and events.  

Weekly Meetings: Members are encouraged to attend the weekly LiveWell meetings held throughout the semester; however, if this is not possible due to scheduling conflicts, the LiveWell Coordinator and advisor work together to ensure that members are informed about upcoming opportunities for involvement through regular communication within the organization. 


The LiveWell Peer Educators group was created in August of 2015 in CCU’s Student Health Services.  In August of 2017, the group became a part of the LiveWell Office where they remain an active organization on CCU’s campus. to participate in training activities. 

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