The Shell Squad - Coastal Carolina University
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Meet Wally!


Wally the Wall Pond Turtle is the mascot for the CCU Social Norms campaign.

What is Social Norming?

The perception that many students have that other students behave in a certain way, when in reality they do not. For example, most students vastly overestimate the number of students who binge drink (defined as more than four drinks for women and more than five drinks for men in one sitting).

Why is the Wally Social Norms Campaign Important?

Social norming can lead to a student conforming to unhealthy behavior in an effort to fit in or be “normal.” The campaign promotes the reality of student behavior on campus to prevent students from conforming to unhealthy behavior just to fit in.

Who runs the campaign?

This STUDENT-run campaign aims to bridge the gap between what our community perceives is the norm and the reality of social life on campus.

Want to get involved?

Email the LiveWell office to learn more, or follow us on Instagram or twitter.