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Body Composition Testing

Body composition is the study of components of the body and their relative proportions, specifically, fat mass and fat free (lean) mass. It is a key component of an individual’s health profile. Body composition testing provides a baseline, assists with estimating a healthy body weight based on results, helps identify risks, and tracks progress.

The Live Well Office provides free body composition testing through Ultrasound technology. This technology provides accurate results and allows for quick and comfortable testing. A body composition test will provide the client with a breakdown of their body composition which includes body fat percentage, estimated pounds of fat free mass, estimated pounds of fat mass, and estimated pounds of water within the body. This test will also provide a calculated Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) based on the results. BMR is the minimal caloric requirement for basic sustenance and this number can be used to put together a complete caloric profile.

To set up an appointment for a body composition test, please contact Mike Cruise, our Health Educator.